collective governance programme stream

Holacracy - horizontal governance for transparency in decision-making

Explore Holacracy in theory and practice—a horizontal governance model designed to enhance well-being in decision-making. The governance theme will be presented along with the experience of implementing the model in a community.


Gabriel da Rocha is living at Catfarm for over 3 years, and focuses on projects promoting a healthier lifestyle and envision transforming systems from within. He has implemented horizontal governance inspired by Holacracy to support sustainable, collective living.


Harmonizing Horizons: the art of role-mapping for ecovillage leaders

Introducing a powerful tool for ecovillage/community leaders, widely used in the world of HR, that enables them to match the right people to right roles.


Máté Tuba is a professional human-ecologist, sociologist, permaculture designer, community facilitator. Co-founder of several initiatives in the fields of regenerative consulting, permaculture teaching, and network building in the past 12 years.

Orsi Imre is a people & organization development professional and business partner at an international development consultancy firm, 7 years of experience in supporting leaders in the non-profit sector and the business world.

Deepening Sociocratic Practice

Deepen your understanding of sociocratic values, giving your consent and decision-making processes through role play and discussion. Medium knowledge required.


Zahra Lightway M.Ed. is an international speaker on education, vision catalyst for the NeighbourGood eco-village initiative, trainer in sociocracy and consultant/advisor with GEN International.


Group Focalisation: helping groups access a new level of potentiality

Explore the theory and practice of group dynamics, focusing on structure, consciousness, and the focaliser role. Learn about how to apply the group wisdom to work towards a greater good and to be a focal point enabling groups potential to express at its highest.


Silvia Pinciroli is a business coach and HR advisor with experience of 28 years at Community of Living Ethics (CLE). She focuses on personal and spiritual growth and on development awareness in organizations. Leading the ‘Net of Communities’, She works globally to enhance group consciousness and its positive impact on Human evolution.