Liberate yourself by relating authentically

Authentic relating is a set of communication practices designed to bring us into deeper connection with one another and with ourselves, aimed to grow our circle of care and compassion, aiming not to see people as others but see ourselves as one big family. We live in an overstimulating world of digital connections, yet we still experience an epidemic of loneliness, our purpose with this workshop is to come back to the most basic and take time to connect in a way that is real, with our vulnerability, judgements and protection mechanisms.


Daphné Sarpyener is an Authentic Relating Facilitator and Intimacy Activist, she leads creative workshops in Europe. Trained in Community Design, Possibility Management, Non-Violent Communication, and Art Therapy, she catalyzes personal and collective growth.

Karol Nowakowski holds space for authentic relating spaces, transformative workshops, rage clubs and emotional healing processes. His bright principles: Clarity, Love, Transformation, Creation, Adventure.

Exploring Intimacy

A sensual, trauma-sensitive space of meeting each other in deep intimacy – beyond the binary. Are you curious to explore new ways of relating to yourself and others? Let your body guide you.


Laura Becker is a creative traveler dedicated to reconnecting with Mother Earth and bodily wisdom, creates spaces for radical acceptance and explores intimacy, sexuality, and pleasure. She’s training in Sexological Intimacy Coaching to support people to live in trusting relationships again. With themselves & others.

Theresa Utecht is a passionately dedicated explorer of everyone´s uniqueness and how to feel safe within. Using Pantarei and Neurosystemic Integration, she guides others to self-discovery, reconnection and growth. Deeply anchored in the believe that everything starts with radical acceptance of what is present in the NOW, she embraces complexities with her gentle, playful and mindful contribution.

Conscious BDSM: Playing with Power!

Consent Based activites to practice and explore polarising power. Dare to step into unknown territory in a mild and playful way, to taste your power within.


Jeyda Monali is an Empowerment Coach, providing tools for those ready to reclaim their fullness! She creates spaces to dive deeper into our ourselves and each other, through authentic connection and vulnerability


4 Practices 4 Healthy Relationships

Enhance your ability to build & maintain lasting love, trust and intimacy. Explore the nature of love & its manifestations. Examine unconscious beliefs & cultural conditioning that shape our decisions.


Hala Fauzi is Tantra Practitioner who is passionate about spreading the culture of Love and Abundance! She has been traveling the world since 2017 presenting about healthy relationships, Dance, authentic relating and empowering people to choose love and own their power.