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Luxurious simplicity. Tools and techniques for essential humanness

We will explore the natural ways of the human body: how and why to walk barefoot, sit and squat, breathe naturally, use garden tools relying fully on your anatomy. We’ll make a chewing stick to brush our teeth!


Nara Petrovic is the author of “Human: Instructions for Use” and a proponent of luxurious simplicity. He’s been barefoot since 2007, active in GEN since 2009, he’s a traveller, facilitator, cook, masseur and more.


Energy Communities: an opportunity for ecovillages and eco-projects

 The energy transition can help us to build communities in our villages and neighbourhoods, and to increase our regional impact. Presentation of the results of the EC2 Horizon2020 project.


Dario Ferraro is GEN Europe Projects and Partnerships Development Coordinator, and he was Project Manager for EC2. He works with ecovillages to develop transformational projects and educational experiences.


Applied Creativity: Restoring Resilience and Beauty to our Daily Lives.

Resourcefully shaping your daily objects: leathers or ‘bioplastics’ from mycelium, cornstarch, or tea grounds. 3D-Printed concrete from algae-grown limestone.


As a professor of Art History, Marek Wieczorek decided to now put his energy into learning and teaching about art and creativity in the service of climate resilience and activism, not just as an observer, but also a participant in climate transformation.


Technologically Enabled Villages. Integrating Digital Tools in Community Governance

Drawing on a 3-year project in Portugal, we will explore the possibilities of governance technologies that have emerged in the web3 space to foster human cooperation in regenerative villages.


Samuel Delesque is a co-founder of Traditional Dream Factory, a regenerative village in the making in Portugal. He co-created Closer, a software platform for regenerative villages, and Re:build, an event network for village builders.


A Biomimicry Approach to Life

Observation and Praxis Workshop on the Art of Nature – the Science of Nature & the Eco-consciousness of Nature with Biomimicry approaches to Life.


Melodi Simay Acar is a Bio-inspired Kinetic MSc. Architect, Sustainability and Permaculture Designer, Inventor and Design Scientist. Passionate about nature-inspired technologies, she focuses on nature’s ingenuity and connection with humanity and facilitate design courses based on bio-inspiration for adults and children.

Water catchment and management systems : The Experience of Suderbyn

Presentation of the off-grid rain water saving and usage set up developed in Suderbyn. The goal is to explain the different steps of a whole water circuit : collecting, storing, distribution and powering. It will be put in perspective with the context of Suderbyn and the work of renovating and improving the infrastructures related. Needs, challenges and evolution of the project will be shared.


Arthur Vivet holds a Master in Architecture. Currently, he’s a permanent member and coordinator of the Infrastructures department in Suderbyn ecovillage (Sweden) and is interested in upcycling materials.

Energy Communities and Intentional Communities: Replicating Innovations by Sharing Best Practices

Proven successes in community food, energy, and water systems are reviewed, drawing from EU Energy Communities, Ecovillages, and other Intentional Communities.


Tom Stanton is founder of Community Energy Solutions, LLC, which specializes in policy research for distributed energy resources, energy efficiency, renewable energy, infrastructure modernization, and global climate change.

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Techniques for Ecosystem & Soil Regeneration in Warm Climates

Presentation of several techniques for soil regeneration especially in warm climates. We will learn about Keyline, subsoiling following contour lines to manage the flow of water in the landscape; holistic management, mimicking natural migration and rotation patterns; rainwater retention through channels, ponds and crop covering; compost and biochar fertilizing, to improve soil structure, nutrient retention, microbial activity and moisture.


Neus Valls, Cora Pausch, Jan Benterbusch – Members of Los Portales since 1994 and 2018. Responsible for the vegetable garden. Interested in techniques and interventions for the regeneration of ecosystems, in which a team of 5 people from the community works.