Regenerative Education & Ecovillage Design

Ecovillage Design Education (EDE) programmes support the urgent transition to a regenerative future through transformative education. Rooted in ecovillages, EDEs empower participants to become agents of positive change.


Taisa Mattos, Gaia Education Face-to-Face Programme Coordinator & Gaia Schools Coordinator, leads Ecovillage Design Education since 2009 across Brazil and globally. She serves GEN as a consultant and trainer. Co-founder of Terra Una Ecovillage. CASA Brasil member.

Sally Bogale lives in Findhorn Ecovillage with her husband, daughter & dog. Exploring how to live regeneratively since 2012, she has focused on project development & became Co-CEO of Gaia Education in 2022.

Macaco Tamerice, sociologist and life coach, specializes in trauma, transformation, and community-building. Living at Damanhur since 1993, former President of GEN Europe, now GEN’s UN representative and President of Damanhur Education.

Consciously freeing Love and Sexuality - An exploration into the depth of what stirs us human beings

Explore Tamera, a 45-year-old community in Portugal, focusing on “Free Love and Sexuality” and its impact on peace. Insights from Tamera’s Love School teachers.


Anne Bretschneider (42, she/her, German origin) is living in the Tamera community, Portugal, for 11+ years. Her expertise and interests is around non-formal education, water, community and healing.

Aida Shibli, Bedouin activist and Tamera co-worker, advocates women’s liberation and non-violent resistance in Palestine. Founder of Global Campus Palestine, she integrates regenerative lifestyles with political activism, and is a core member of the Defend the Sacred Alliance.

Frederick Weihe has been living and working in the Tamera community, Portugal for 12 years, and is part of the Love School team. He also works in energy technology, administration, and the guest program.

Inspiring Ecovillages & Intentional Communities in Aotearoa-New Zealand‚Äč

This presentation takes us on a virtual visual journey around New Zealand, sharing about a range of land-based communities – from permaculture designed suburban co-housing projects, to kibbutzim-style farms, to social service educational communities, to Maori extended families returning to their traditional Papakainga way-of-life . This will be followed by full group participation in Robina’s Community Powerbase activity, a tool which helps individuals and a whole group define where they are on the Private – Collective continuum, essential for determining common ground, to give a high likelihood of sustaining success .


Robina McCurdy is the co-founder/resident of 40 year old Tui Community in New Zealand. She has worked as an Ecovillage Facilitator and Permaculture Designer in 12 countries.Through facilitation she brings extensive experience of ecovillages in her homeland.


Ageing and Dying in a Community‚Äč

Not so long ago death was a part of life lived inside the extended family, witnessed even by the youngest children, while relatives helped take care of the old, the sick, and the dying. But in recent years old age, unfitness and death have become a taboo: the care of the elderly often needs to be outsourced, and rarely dying happens in the presence of the dear ones. This might be the right time for ecovillage communities to reappropriate the value and the beauty of living fully each stage of life and to imagine how a community can grow honoring all aspects of life.


Rossella Bernascone is a holistic counselor, end-of-life doula and death educator, part of the Community of Living Ethics since 2003 focusing on group work, international relations and meditation as service.