At the Gathering,
there are no spectators,
only co-creators!

The event is brought to life every year by hundreds of people who gift their skills and time to create an enriching programme of workshops and activities that provoke thought, revive our spirits, and inspire action. Workshop leaders consistently find the Gathering a richly rewarding chance to share their work with a highly active and engaged new audience. You can take a look at last year’s programme here.

The programme will integrate Nature Community’s core values of Love, Trust and Cooperation, as well as celebration, dance and connection, and practical hands-on, accessible action to achieve political impact.

Our programme will revolve around the following general themes:

  • Climate Emergency 
  • Beyond climate crisis
  • Inner and outer transformation; inner and outer climate
  • Sacred Activism

We warmly invite registrations for workshops, arts and music of all shapes and sizes. You can apply before 30th April through this Workshop Registration Form

Artisan Market

Show us your shop!

Calling all artisans and creators: this gathering creates space for you. This year, the Gathering will have a dedicated market area for ecovillage products to showcase the best of ecovillage talent: from woven baskets to tapestry, jewellery, pottery, and handicrafts, this will be a space for thoughtful transaction, support for artisanal creation, and a chance for participants to take home a lovingly created gift from the ecovillages of Europe.

Artisans will be eligible for one free conference ticket per shop, in return for a recommended 15% donation on each shop sale. To apply for a market stall, please apply before 11th March 2020. 



Volunteers are the heart and soul that ensures the Gathering runs smoothly...

…that everyone receives delicious hot and nourishing food, drivers know where to park, the site is beautifully decorated and everyone is comfortable and has their needs met. 

Nature Community and GEN Deutschland have a small number of available slots to volunteer and support site build, kitchen preparations, cleaning, programme and wellbeing.

Volunteers will be needed on-site for two months (08 June to 05 August) and will receive free entrance for both the Love & Peace Gathering and the European Ecovillage Gathering in exchange for their energy.

Allied Stalls

Interconnection between transition movements is crucial to be successful in tackling global crises and moving towards regenerative culture. To spark conversation and encourage exchange between ecovillages and the wider tapestry of global activity for transition, we are inviting allied movements and organisations to join the gathering. We have dedicated an area to showcase your work and synergistically engage collaborators and activists from across Europe and the world. 

If you’re from an organisation or movement aligned with ecovillage values and are seeking a way to engage further with the hundreds of participants attending this event, we welcome you to apply for a stall. To apply, please register through the form below before 11th March 2020


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