Cultivating Community:
From I to we

28 - 29 AUGUST 2021

Sow the seeds of seeds of community with us. We invite starting communities, established communities open to new members and individuals curious about living in communities and ecovillages to come together and immerse themselves in this co-creative event!


This event space will help you as a community to get guidance on your community-building process, ask your burning questions to people who have done it before, and to go into your processes with experienced facilitators from the heart of the ecovillage movement. It will help community seekers or those of you curious about ecovillages to see which communities in Europe are currently blooming and opening to new members – in your region or in your area of interest – to perhaps even find the perfect match or to at least hopefully be more clear on what you are (and are not) looking for.

Communities and seekers, we want to help you find each other. We will use a mix of highly participative practices, group work, workshops, facilitated spaces and consultation, drawing on decades of experiences from the lived experience of ecovillagers in the CLIPS trainer team and their methodologies, and more.


Let our team of experts from the Community Learning Incubator Programme guide you and your community through the challenges of building a life together with tried and tested tools, methodologies and examples. Click on their photo to learn more!

Teodora Radulescu

Teodora Radulescu is a skilled space holder and facilitator of transformative spaces. With her work, she empowers groups to discover their collective potential and the pragmatic steps that lead to fulfillment.

She is the co-founder of several human-centered organisations in Romania and Switzerland, and she is know for her combined practices of Dragon Dreaming, Sociocracy 3.0, Conflict Resolution, Deep Ecology and Emerging Dialogue.

Teodora Radulescu

Manja Vrenko

Manja has been involved in Community Incubator program since it's beginning in 2015. She is experienced facilitator, permaculture teacher and Dragon dreaming trainer. She is cofounder of a small community in hinterland of Slovene Istra, where they organise workshops and host faclitated events for NGOs.


Abdul Otman

Abdul Otman was born in Libya, raised in France, and initially joined Suderbyn Ecovillage (Sweden) as a European Solidarity Volunteer. He is now a committed agent of change, chairperson of Baltic Ecovillage Network, council member of GEN-Europe, and Operations Manager of ECOLISE.


Mauge Cañada

Psychologist, facilitator, co-founder of two ecovillages, and expert in mediation and sociocracy, Mauge has 30 years of experience in collective organisation and community. 

Mauge Cañada


I have been living in communities since I was 17. In 2004 I moved into the ecovillage Hallingelille and have been living there since. I have been offering support and trainings to communities and groups professionally for a number of years. To live and thrive in diversity, with a common vision and direction, is my focus.

camilla nielsen-englyst

Genny Carraro

Ecovillager, facilitator, trainer and consultant in constant conscious
transformation. Genny holds a degree in International and Diplomatic
studies and a Master degree in Humanitarian Assistance. She is a
certified counsellor, trained in Decision making methods (Sociocracy
in particular) an other facilitation methods among which Processwork
and Effective Facilitation. With experience in management and team
coordination, she is co-founder of the Italian Processwork School and
The Transition Campus among others. Genny is committed to spread
values and competences related to environmental issues, and working
towards healthy and constructive human relationships with a direct,
energic and enthusiastic style.


Monique Wijn

Monique Wijn is an educator and trainer in community building tools and methods (CLIPS). She was part of the European CLIPSI and CLIPSII projects and gives live and online community trainings in the Netherlands in this and other methodologies including sociocracy and permaculture. 
Monique is co-founder , board member and international representative of the Dutch Ecovillage Network, GEN Netherlands.


Mauge Cañada

Psychologist, facilitator, co-founder of two ecovillages, and expert in mediation and sociocracy, Mauge has 30 years of experience in collective organisation and community.


We invite both GEN Europe member communities and starting, aspiring communities alike to offer a taste of what it’s like to live in their community, their visions and current reality, and their dreams of obtaining new members. We invite seekers to explore existing communities, to meet and connect with other seekers,  to ask essential questions, and feel the ‘click’ when the match is just right! This is a great opportunity to connect with ecovillages at all stages of formation, to present your own emerging projects, and for building connection with others on a similar path.

Project dating

Coming soon...


Using real-life examples from communities and projects attending the event, our CLIPS facilitators will expertly guide us through possible solutions and how some communities have overcome certain challenges – you will obtain both practical tools to address similar challenges that may emerge in your project, and support to overcome ongoing issues in your community or process. 


Grounded in real-life experiences, we will offer a series of talks and workshops with the aim of  supporting your projects through practical guidance and inspiration. Topics will allow us to acquire the frameworks to make us more confident community builders and visionaries. More details coming soon…. 

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We will give introductions to some of the most fruitful and widely used decision making methods in communities and answer prevalent questions about governance methods. With Abdul Otman and Mauge Cañada.


This workshop will equip you with tools to deescalate and prevent conflicts in communities, harvested from various communities throughout Europe. With Teodora Radulescu. 

Deep Listening: Challenges of Creating Diverse Communities

Within this two session stream, we will hear from community and project initiators on the challenges they have faced and continue to face regarding the inclusion of marginalised persons, even when those projects have self-awareness of these issues squarely in their centre. We will hold dialogue on the barriers to supporting marginalised persons to integrate and what some of the learnings have been that can support other projects in the crucial steps towards equity. Ultimately, we hope that the lessons and experiences shared in these sessions can inform the building and strengthening of transformational projects across Europe and the world. With Nonty Sabic, Clara Ruiz de Gauna,  Crystal Farmer,  and Sarah “Mantombi” Motha.


Many of us are dreaming of self-sufficiency, being independent from external structures and living a life of greater freedom. Community life is a way of achieving greater self-sufficiency – or co-sufficiency – but how does this path look? How self-sufficient do we really become? Explore these questions and many more with some of our most self-reliant communities. With representatives from Lakabe (Navarra) and GEN Ukraine.


In this workshop we will go through the 4 pillars of community building; I, We, Intention, Structure and show how each can be explored and consciously developed. With Manja Vrenko.

Debunking the Mysteries of Community Life

We will open the event by asking all of our questions of community life; getting our ideals grounded and our stereotypes and fears demystified. With a panel of ecovillage founders and life-long community learners we will answer all of our initial questions about living and thriving in community.  With Genny Carraro and Mauge Cañada.

Rearing children and schooling in community

What advantages are there to raising children in an intentional community? How about challenges? What is it like to be born into community and bloom within that alternative environment? How can families and parents-to-be take the steps to feeling more secure when stepping into the responsibility of child-rearing in community? Join us to explore these questions and more as we tackle this central topic of many ecovillages. With Gulli Skatun and Rakel. 

Living Love Relationships in Community

The gifts of relationship and sexual intimacy allow us to express our vulnerability, depth and authenticity on levels that may lead to powerful lessons and holistic growth. It’s also true that the intensity of life in intentional community brings certain challenges to developing and maintaining romantic and erotic relationships, in whatever form they may manifest. In this session we will explore with Tamera community members and representatives of their Love School, as they share some of their thoughts and experiences with love, sexuality and intimacy, and ask how we may empower ourselves and others through relationships to reach our full potential. With Dara Silverman and Frederick Weihe


This is the space where you can get answers to all of your burning questions from people with years – or even a life-long – experience in community and ecovillage building! When you register for this event we will send you a link to a place where you can scribble out all your contemplations, hesitations,  and questions. Your questions will be used anonymously to inform the panel, so no need to be shy.


Woven together by deep and informed  integration, these spaces will practice the 3 C’s of Celebration, Ceremony and Self- and Community-Care. Living in community requires an increased awareness of  inner connection, inter-connections and connection to our environments: we are here to strengthen, deepen, and celebrate these together. 

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Free dance outside (if you can) where naked feet can kiss the Earth. Experiencing your creature body becoming more intimate with the Earth’s body. The playlist surfs a wave that rises and falls in tempo, leaving you in stillness, touched by the eloquence of your own unthinking Nature. Good medicine after a head centred day.


Sounds like an odd concept? A tea ceremony where you need to provide your own tea? Let’s step into this space together and see how deep this experience can be. Steve will guide you through this contemplative space, offering a time for meditation, settling into the space and introducingtea as a sacred teacher plant. We will also explore what defines high-grade, ‘living’ tea, how a tea ritual can be a daily companion to deepen our connection with nature, and offer some practical advice too. Please join us for this unique way to create community online.


Start your Sunday morning softly and intentionally with us! We’ll start this session by connecting with ourselves first (through a small sequence of meditation and drawing) and then gently start connecting with others in smaller groups to share stories and get to know each other in warm and cozy ways. This session will help us all start our second day with a sense of intention, warmth and togetherness!

You are welcome to participate in this session from the coziest spot in your home, blankets and candles included! Make sure to bring any crayons or art supplies you have around, some paper and a delicious cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate!


To connect seekers and communities past the span of the event, we will use the platform HYLO. The platform is designed for you to take part in both local and regional communities and projects, communities in the international and virtual space, and to share skills, visions,  requests and offers. Once you register for the event, we ask you to sign up for HYLO to start networking with the participating communities and each other.


GEN Europe aspires to offer open access to individuals and communities of all different cultural backgrounds and so is making efforts to offer live translation in selected sessions throughout the Resilience & Regeneration event series. 

At this time, we intend to offer French, Italian, Russian, and Spanish in selected sessions. We will pilot these language services in our first event – Cultivating Community: From I to We – and will refine from there onwards. 

If you would like to offer live translation in our events, you can either indicate this in our Registration Form or contact Translations will be compensated by a free ticket to the event of translation and one other event in the series.


We want to make this event accessible to as many people as possible, which is why we offer sliding-scale pricings on the tickets based on income level.

You can register either as an individual, a forming community and similar projects, or as a GEN Europe member. You can see a description of each and the associated sliding scale tiers below. 


Any person interested in community and project incubation. If you are multiple people, please consider multiple ‘Individual’ registrations


LOW INCOME: €30: Support GEN EU to create this event and similar events in the future

MEDIUM INCOME €50: Fund honoraries and support for speakers, artists and spaceholders within the event + support GEN EU to create this event 

HIGH INCOME: €70: Contribute towards our solidarity fund to enable fellow community seekers lacking the financial means to also be able to attend.


Groups of more than 3 persons and part of an intentional project at any stage of co-design.

Want to join this event for free? Register here to become a GEN Europe Aspiring Member and join for free.                

If you do not want to become a member, you can register using the tiers below:

LOW INCOME COUNTRY: €75: Support GEN EU to create this event and similar events in the future

MEDIUM INCOME COUNTRY: €125: Fund honoraries and support for speakers, artists and spaceholders within the event + support GEN EU to create this event 

HIGH INCOME COUNTRY €175: Contribute towards our solidarity fund to enable fellow community seekers lacking the financial means



Full or aspiring GEN EU member communities as categorised by our member process.

Members can join for free, but are encouraged to donate (at the end of the form), so as to support low-income individuals and aspiring members to be able to attend. You can join for free by using the member coupon. If you are a member but have not received a coupon, please contact us here.