European ecovillage Gathering

This year we celebrate 25 years of the Global Ecovillage Network

25 years of connecting communities and inspiring thousands of people across the globe to create regenerative communities and lifestyles.   We’ll reflect on what we’ve learned, celebrate our achievements, look to the wisdom of our elders, weave it with the energy and commitment of our youth,  and look forward to how we can serve nature, and one another, to transcend the climate crisis.

Discovery. Questions. Answers. Action. Exploration. Collaboration. Hope. Celebration. Community.

If you’re asking what the European Ecovillage Gathering is all about, it’s all this, and more.

The European Ecovillage Gathering is the annual convergence of the European Ecovillage Network and the dynamic expression of a movement: of the thousands of people across Europe and the globe engaging in local, community-led solutions to our greatest challenges. Every year, we meet in one of Europe’s ecovillages.

You will debate with inspiring speakers about the urgent questions of our time; meet ecovillagers and discover their communities; learn tools for deep inner transformation;

scheme and strategise for climate action; make new friends over a delicious vegan dinner at sunset; and dance until late into the night.

The European Ecovillage Gathering is an event that awakens and inspires hundreds of people every year to the power of community. Whether you’re a lifelong ecovillager, or just discovering ecovillages for the first time, this is for you. Welcome.


Beyond Climate Crisis: Transforming Ourselves, Transforming the System

There is no doubt: we are gripped by climate emergency, and after decades of government inaction and failed struggles, we are already living the consequences of a lack of care and love for nature in all its forms. The time is now to urgently accelerate community-level strategies for regenerative transformation. We are called to act now, and we are called to act together.


The time is now to look outwards, beyond our communities;

To extend a hand to all those working to confront the climate crisis unfolding before our eyes. And to look inwards, to transform ourselves, our deepest patterns and programming, to better serve our collective transition.

We offer our tools, developed over decades of community life.

Ecovillages are living laboratories dealing daily with practical questions on whole system regeneration and diverse local-level examples of how future regenerative systems could manifest and function. 

We bring joy and celebration; knowing that we can only emerge from darkness with dance, laughter, and play.

We offer our hands, heads and hearts to engage with the challenges of our time. Join us as we coalesce actions and chart the course to a regenerative world together.


Committed co-creators, activists, ecovillagers, explorers, and leaders from all walks of life will come together to address the great challenges of our time.

This year’s gathering is an urgent exploration of community solutions and sacred activism to face the climate crisis from a standpoint of joy and transformation.

Through a diverse programme, we will reaffirm the importance of inner work as an integral part of the systemic transitions we wish to enable, and how a recognition of our individual power can enable collective transition. Our inspiration and programme extends far beyond the ecovillage movement, inviting collaborations from climate justice, sacred activism, post-growth society, peacework, and human rights activists. Together we will develop personal, communal and political solutions for a future worth living, through embracing cooperation and our collective power.