Themed as Beyond the Climate Crisis: Transforming Ourselves; Transforming the System, the European Ecovillage Gathering will accelerate public engagement on climate action and sustainable transition. Our programme greets the climate crisis head-on, and engages our heads, hearts and hands to pursue and create the solutions we need, here and now.

Through practical skill-based workshops, self-development and wellbeing sessions, dance and movement, healthy food, ethical artisan markets,  and arts, we will address the climate emergency and its possibilities for transformation through a holistic lens. Live and electronic music will offer a counterbalance to the weight of the theme, and bring connection and joy to our time together. 

Underpinnedby the CLIPS community-building pedagogy, our days together will progress from the ‘Intention’, to ‘I’,‘We’, and finally ‘Structure and Impact’. In this way, the Gathering will act as a living laboratory and incubator to collectively dream and build action on the climate emergency together. On day 4, we will emerge as community: full of fresh inspiration and hope, new connections and friendships, and structured blueprints ready to reignite grassroots action on the climate crisis. 

Every year, we gather speakers from across the ecovillage world and aligned movements to engage, challenge and inspire us. Using the CLIPS model, we will address the following themes:

Day 1


Which intentions do we enter Gathering with. What drives us? In what situation do we find ourselves upon Mother Earth and how can our gathering together support healing? How do our intentions as individuals and collective feed into the whole and how may they inform our direction forward in challenging times?

day 2


Today will bring attention to what we see and do not see about ourselves: what behaviours are un/conscious and which tools we possess to address these. What power do we each hold within ourselves and how can we activate these it to achieve a cultural transformation?

day 3


Today will address synergy, complementarity and difference between strong sister and brother transition movements: the larger ‘We’. How are we moving together and what more can we do? We will see interconnection and conversation between GEN, Permaculture, Transition and ECOLISE, and also other strong allied movements. What actions can we take to actively stand in solidarity with each other and align our efforts?

day 4

-structure and impact-

How can we channel ecovillage solutions into radical, practical realities? How can we move forward with the ideas and inspiration generated from this Gathering? We plan to emerge armed with radical and transformational connection, action plans, and ideas that we can apply post-Gathering.


Main Workshops

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” – Albert Einstein

Just as Einstein determined, the crises that we face require radical thinking, transformational leadership and cooperative action. Many ecovillages have been addressing the transitional practicalities to whole system regeneration for decades: they have acted as living laboratories to envision and test local-level examples of how future regenerative systems can manifest and function.

Within the main workshop programme we will hone in on our Gathering theme, specifically addressing what is already working within ecovillages to tackle climate change, what can be developed further and what can we learn from allied movements. Core themes will cover love, trust and cooperation; sacred activism; looking beyond the mainstream carbon debate: all underlined with applicable tools for practical action. 

Children & Families

“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children” – Nelson Mandela

Children and families are the future of our communities and we cherish your presence in the Gathering. In Nature Community, we will look forward to opening a dedicated play area for children and space for workshops for Children & Families. If you are interested in holding a workshop on alternative education models, natural parenting, natural childbirth, parent support, then we welcome you to register here. 

We will also have a Baby Chill area where toddlers and babies can nap, play and feed in peace and safety. 

Healing & Wellbeing

“Keeping healthy is an expression of gratitude to the whole cosmos – the trees, the clouds, everything” – Thich Nhat Hahn

Care for community and care for the planet must be based on care for ourselves. The healing area offers a programme of transformational practices for body-mind healing, bringing us into greater communion and understanding with ourselves and one another. Expect massage, meditation, song and healing treatments of all kinds.


“When we build a house with our hands…we transform ourselves into alchemists, turning ordinary into extraordinary” – Satish Kumar

The Ecovillage Sustainable Technology Expo is a demonstration lab featuring sustainable technologies and the reapplication of ancient knowledge. We invite all participants to share, demonstrate and present technologies from their communities, or from traditional knowledge, that are being used to tackle local or global problems. We will showcase how ecovillages are combating the climate crisis using appropriate technologies, how communities practice crafts such as basket-weaving or bee-keeping for self-sufficiency and income, and how these simple solutions are accessible to all.

Art & Music

“Celebration is about becoming aware.” – Dragon Dreaming Handbook

How better to celebrate all life than through the freedom of expression found within arts and music?  Let us express the human being through dance, play, song, laughter and music. Let us be whole! All throughout the Gathering, we will experience celebration through many varieties. Let us share in the diverse and colourful culture of ecovillage celebration through a rich and eclectic programme which will cushion the weighty undertones of our theme and workshop programme. 

Let us follow our curiosity and connect through…experiencing body power and wisdom in Ecstatic Dance and other movement spaces; live music from across Europe and the world; singing circles, open mic and jam sessions; living joy and contemplation within mantra singing and yoga sessions; co-creating the (new) story through theatre and play…and much more!

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