Steen Møller

Steen is a Danish legend. He is the co-founder of two Danish Ecovillages; Friland and Grobund, an inventor of several eco-technologies and advocate of economic freedom by staying debt-free. Steen will be a Keynote Speaker at the Gathering and will additionally offer workshops on the appropriate technologies of a ‘Smoke-washer’ (røgvasker) and Greenhouse-circulation (Drivhusfordampning).

Human: Instructions for Use with Nara Petrovic

“My research of genuine humanness is as intimate as it can be—I am my own guinea pig. I have practiced natural human living for two decades”. Nara lives a life of radical simplicity without shoes, chairs, tables, toothbrush, soap, toilet … while engaging with mainstream society by building healthy communities. Nara will share some of his main teachings from his book ‘Human: Instructions for Use’.