Healing Programme

13 Energetic Tools For A Better Community with Clinton Callahan

After inventing Possibility Management, publishing 4+ books and writing 200+ S.P.A.R.K.s, Clinton Callahan now implements next culture – archearchy: the nonmaterial-value, initiation-centered regenerative culture, which is naturally emerging around the world now that matriarchy and patriarchy have run their course. 

Fear & Love: A Tool for Intimacy with Devin Gleeson

Devin Gleeson is a Possibility Management Coach and Shadow Worker. He has 10 years of experience living in, holding space for, and co-founding intentional communities with the purpose of exploring intimacy and causing radical transformation in individuals and the larger world. Devin will hold a workshop on fear and love and tools for intimacy.

From Education to Initiation - Ecovillages as Adulthood Initiation Centers with Vera Franco

Vera Franco is a Next Culture Aliveness Catalyst and part of Possibilica, a nomadic nanonation contexted in Radical Responsibility. She opens paths to regenerative cultures by delivering authentic adulthood initiatory processes, looking where many people do not, and standing in the nothingness to create what has not been created yet – which is exactly what she will do at the Gathering.