Heart of Ecovillages Programme

Community Learning Incubator Programme

CLIPS is a solution oriented programme to guide community-led projects in their initial steps – and for existing initiatives that struggle with problems or simply need revitalisation. The experienced CLIPS Team consists of ecovillage founders and long-term ecovillage members from all over Europe who will share their knowledge in practical community-building sessions at the Gathering.

Ellika Linden

Ellika is the wife of the late Story Manitonquat (Medicine Story), an elder of the Wampanoag Natives. Ellika lives in the community of Christiania in Copenhagen and from there, she moves to support the Circles around Europe. Before she met her husband, Manitonquat, Ellika was an actress and director with theater companies around the world. Her warm and pleasantly naive nature allows people to open their hearts and allows them to simply be themselves. She brings her wisdom of heart and experience into her life and Circles in an incredibly kind and genuine way. Ellika will open and close the Gathering together with Di Ponti and Simon Jamnik.

Children's Democracy with Camilla Nielsen-Englyst

Camilla is co-founder and community member of Hallingelille Ecovillage in Denmark. She has been engaged in a long line of projects within both ecovillages, co-housing communities and communes and is deeply rooted in GEN Europe. Camilla will building on her experience with ecovillage design, life and processes, both as a CLIPS Trainer and in a workshop about Children’s Democracy in Hallingelille.

Leadership & Presence with Macaco Tamerice

Macaco Tamerice (Martina Grosse Burlage) is a sociologist and a life coach for meaningful relationships specialized in community-building, inner transformation, leadership and conflict resolution. She has been living at Damanhur ecovillage since 1993. She was Vice President and then President of the Global Ecovillage Network-Europe and one of GEN’s UN representatives.