Nature Community

For an event centred on transformation, there may be fewer places better suited than Nature Community.

From its origins as a Bavarian hunting lodge, to its current incarnation as a vegan community, the place has witnessed its fair share of metamorphosis.

Nestled in pristine nature in a secluded corner of Bavaria, Nature Community will open its doors to 800 ecovillagers and explorers for the 25th European Ecovillage Gathering, and we couldn’t be happier to celebrate 25 years of GEN in the community. The Gathering will be infused with Nature Community’s core values of love, trust and cooperation: values that now must be cultivated more than ever to empower the inner and outer transitions necessary to confront the climate emergency. 

The community

Nature Community was conceived as a place where people jointly live and work in connection with humans, animals, and the natural world. Through communal living, their vision is to make a significant contribution to the development of a world in which all beings live in peace, trust, freedom, joy and connectedness.

In a few short years since 2016, Nature Community has succeeded in making its mark in the region, bringing new inhabitants and a vibrant cultural programme to the local area, as well as  a commitment to regional and international networking. It’s the perfect place to discover how ecovillages can make a profound impact in their local context – and beyond.

The Place

Nature Community is located in Schönsee, in the Upper Palatinate Forest Nature Park at an altitude of 700 m, 6 km from the Czech border. It is a paradise of unspoilt nature and culture, ripe for exploration: from deep forests to shimmering lakes and magnificent castles, why not take time to discover the region before and after the Gathering? 

Food for people and planet

At the Gathering, we will enjoy three delicious meals a day from Nature Community’s 100% vegan kitchen. Food that cares for people and planet is central to their values, and the team are experienced in whipping up delicious creations from organic and largely regionally sourced goods. There will also be on-site cafes and bars selling beverages and snacks.

The Space

Nature Community has transformed a former holiday village in the traditional Bavarian style into a vibrant community, seminar centre and guesthouse with a beautiful pool and wellness area, which will be available during the event. The Gathering will be held across its modern, yet cosy and rustic, facilities and beautiful outdoor spaces.