4 - 5 DECEMBER 2021

Many of us resonate with a future guided by slowing down, healing, radical self-care and a return to the self and soul purpose. Yet as an increasingly globalised, interconnected society, many of us are still experience living day-to-day as fast-paced, stressful, production-driven, and self-sacrificing. Are you looking to make a change? To truly allow yourself be guided by your own inner calling, passion, and rhythm?


We invite you to dive into yourself, to explore practices of pleasure activism, radical self-care and in general taking responsibility for slowing down our lives. This event invites us into deep self-reflection, allowing us to tap into new possibilities, future dreams, and calling needs, through a format of immersive workshops, working with the self at multiple levels, diverse healing sessions, redefining our ideas of activism, and more. It will invite you to experience this facilitated yet self-guided voluntary transformation, helping us in our process of ‘capitalistic and colonial detoxification’, while becoming intimate with ourselves, our communities, and all that we embody, in cultural identities, ethnicity, gender, culture, age, sexuality, shadows, traumas, dreams, and qualities and identities of all kinds. Watch this space to find out more and get ready to dive into the deep yet uplifting and awakening waters of personal and collective cultural transformation.