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About the Programme

Our programme features invited speakers addressing our core themes; workshops from experts and enthusiasts; music, meditation and movement; an ecovillage showcase; children’s activities, and so much more. The morning programme offers a choice of workshops and activities, while in the afternoon collective sessions will bring together the whole community. 

programme streams

The Gathering offers an abundance of dynamic and thought-provoking workshops,  categorised by thematic programme streams. You can read about each of the streams and find details of all the workshops below, as well as the morning and evening programmes.

Morning Programme

Yoga with Maja Takatomi

Nature Wisdom Meditations with Katherine Saxby
Meditative practices that align with nature wisdom within and around us. Through guided meditations, we can connect with the wisdom of the land, asking what we can do for the land and how we can work in harmony with nature. For those seeking to deepen their connection with nature, regardless of meditation experience, this a space for exploration, growth and communication with the natural world.

Soma Movement with Gwynn Parkinson

Saunagus with Alexander Weng Petersen
Join "Saunagus" - an uplifting morning sauna workshop where you can start your day with intention. Let the soothing scents of essential oils ease your mind and body while you check in with yourself through mindful exercises, facilitated by gusmaster Alexander. The workshop consists of three separate sessions of 15 minutes, plus small breaks to cool down in between.

Embodied Deep Ecology with Alina Schlotter
We will wake up gently by tapping into our bodies, arriving with each other and the space. Inspired by the Work that Reconnects, we will explore what it means to be embedded in the web of life. Through a guided dance, we will move through the cycle of life, which can enrich our perception on being alive.

Kali Meditation with SvetoYara
Kali Meditation helps to release heavy feelings such as anger, fear, pain, sorrow or other psychosomatic reasons for energy loss and tiredness, to transcendent energy, joy and love.

Eco PoP BEE-ts with Amelie Ecology
Where grevilleas grow and basil blooms, Amelie Ecology brings you a buzzing mix of Ecology-PoP tunes! Meet the micro-organisms who build our soil, the insects who pollinate our food, the potential of seeds to grow change… and all the life that exists in every bite we eat! Cross-pollinating experience as a pollinator ecologist with musical theater, folk and a ukulele, Amelie Ecology brings life to the life sciences with this participatory performance that invites people of all ages to see the world as ecologists.

Unite Your Souls with Theatre with Antonia Scognamillo
Using exercises for freeing up emotions contact and creativity based on experiences of theater therapy we will find a way of being together and in tune with one another in a joyful and playful way. There is no need for being a actor...Just yourself!

Rootedness and Transformation with Angela Bruning and Michaela Schiller
This workshop offers a contribution to the co-creation of a future that is still worth living for the next generations. We will give impulses to reconnect with the more-than-human world and consequently also with our roots. 

Evening Programme

Playshop: Voice ~ Body ~ Music with Ulrike Gutzeit
Do you want to play with your natural instruments: body & voice? We create a common space to develop our own music of the Hear & Now. We may also sing some chants. But epecially improvising allows us to practice and learn all we need for a creative, innovative and interconnected life. So: Let's play - and celebrate who we are!

Belonging in Mythology with Avena Rawnsely
Belonging in Mythology is an exploration of what it means to be at home on this earth, and how stories are maps that we follow to understand our inner landscape. We will use stories to examine humanities place in the community of life, and the thresholds that can be crossed to invite a deeper understanding of the web of life, and our own intrinsic connection to nature.

Skintalisman with Qinu Stempa
"Skintalisman“ is an art therapy symbiosis of symbol creation, sacred geometry and holisitic personal development for empowerment, self-discovery, healing and transformation of children and adults. The self-discovery journey will lead you trough experimental experiences in all your 5 bodies trough the intuitive connection to pre-historic healing symbols and how they resonate in your being, supported by our circle, breathwork and soundhealing. You will learn how to create your personal talisman, how to open up in a group, you will get tools how to use symbols, like setting visual ankers and playing with sacred geometry on your body to keep on track with your evolution.

Biodanza, Dance your Life! with Alicia Carreiro Kon
Love music? Want to move? Have fun with people? So this is for you! I invite you to Dance Your Life, using this system called Biodanza, created in Chile back in the late 60s by researcher psychologist and anthropologist Rolando Toro. A wonderful opportunity to reconnect with yourself and others in a beautifully humane way. Come give it a try, it's hard to describe in a few words!

Ecstatic Dance Journey with Joé Weber
Immerse yourself into a Journey through Sound. Sit, lie down, meditate, move, do whatever feels right for you, just don’t talk, be barefoot, be sober and bow down with your hands together if you wish to keep moving after having a dance with somebody.

Non-linear Dance with Paula Boslau
Drawing on the frameworks of Gaga Dance and other sensual embodiment practices this class will make you feel alive and in love with your body. Using simple yet vivid instructions, we will explore different textures of movement and playfully break out of our habitual movement patterns. You do not need any previous dance experience to participate in this class, however, it's a dynamic class and a healthy level of physical fitness is required. The class is one session without pauses.

Conscious contact with Alexander Weng Petersen
We experience in a intimate but not sexual way feeling safe, joyful and fulfilled with a conscious touch listening carefully to the needs of everyone.

Medicine wheel Cacao Ceremony 
Join us for a cacao ceremony, where we will drink a sacred beverage made from pure cacao beans and connect with our hearts, our creativity and each other. Cacao is a powerful plant medicine that can help us heal, relax and open up to new possibilities. In this ceremony, we will find our places in the medicine wheel, set our intentions, sip our cacao mindfully and enjoy meditation and movement. This is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate life, express yourself and feel the joy of cacao.

Indigenous teachings and wisdom sharing with Hubertus de Leeuw
As an ambassador of peace and friendship Mohawk Jeremiah Wolf teaches and educates the ancient traditions of his forefathers with music and dances of the longhouse and their legacy to protect and preserve our natural environment and to create a better world. Throughout the years he has been invited to share the Mohawk traditions with his drumming, dancing and knowledge of his ancestors’ teachings

Improv theatre with Toni Mallach
In this playful space you are invited to connect with your body and voice, dive into group dynamics and let your creativity run free to create and express what comes up in the spirit of the moment. We will move, laugh and celebrate life - and learn how to be present and speak up in front of a group!

Sound Journey with Malou
A Journey to Yourself. To find relaxation and silence is so important in this faster and faster getting times. With different Instruments I'll guide you in a holded save space to calm down. In a group with about 20 participants I'll use different music instruments to reach a deep relaxation. Tibetian singing bowls, a windgong and a shamanic drum for example are instruments I am going to use. The Sound Journey will take 1,5 hours Please bring your water with you and a nice cuddly blanket.

A taste of Traditional Thai Massage with Cosima Bachler
In this workshop you will get to have a taste of the kind of bliss we can create in each others bodies through conscious and informed touch. You will get an introduction to the princpiples of traditional thai massage as taught by the sunshine network and give and receive a short and sweet 20 minute bodywork session. This workshop is open for newbies and therapists alike!

Playfight: primal connection at play
Playfight is a holistic practice that combines embodiment, play, authentic relating and circle work. Based on four rituals it supports individuals to express their wild side in a conscious and respectful way while learning to set boundaries, feel others, and hold space. A powerful tool of transformation where conflicts become a source of connection instead of division. Where fighting is a catalyst of self-integrity and empowerment. Where play becomes a gateway to break through usual patterns.

Film: Dreams of The Great Mother
Hildur Jackson and the Ecovillage Dream by Aon Solarra (Rolf Jackson). This is the story of my mother, Hildur Jackson, as I knew her and her quest to create cities of light, unlock the secrets of the past, build networks, honor the Great Mother and perhaps most of all: her love of those closest to her. It is the story of her life and her death and what she revealed to me in her final hour. --- longer version - Creating a new relation to the Great Mother (the divine feminine) and challenging the oppressive aspects of patriarchy was at the heart of my mother’s life long passion: Creating regenerative communities and a new hope for humanity. From the first successful community founded in 1970 (Bofællesskabet Højtofte) to the creation of the Global Ecovillage Network in 1995 and Gaia Education in 2005, Hildur was driven by a vision of a new kind of society. But even as she was a beacon of inspiration to a whole movement, she was also tormented by fears and shadows from previous lifetimes and a painful childhood that left her with deep wounds in her heart. Wounds that stood in the way of manifesting her deepest dreams. This is the story of my mother as I knew her and her quest to create cities of light, unlock the secrets of the past, build networks, honor the Great Mother and perhaps most of all: her love of those closest to her. It is the story of her life and her death and what she revealed to me in her final hour.


The Heart of Ecovillages

Discover how ecovillages work, and get inspiration for your own ecovillage (current or future!) in the Heart of Ecovillages programme. In this programme we will share some of our core practices from ecovillages around Europe, including facilitation tools, social processes, games and activities.

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The Heart of Ecovillages Workshops

Communities can thrive only if there is a constant work on our personal issues in parallel with the group processes. This workshop with long-time ecovillager Macaco Tamerice will explain how this is done in Damanhur and offer exercises to experiment directly.

Award-winning author, speaker and economist Christian Felber will introduce his model of an 'economy for the common good': a reorientation of economic activities to the common good. The systemic design of the economy provides for equal rights, just distribution and the respect of the ecological planetary boundaries. More than a mere theory, the Economy for the Common Good is also a practical process formed by thousands of individuals, companies, universities, municipalities, and cities. Everyone is welcome to join!

Group conflict always arises in all societies, including in ecovillages! Let’s explore how we can work with group conflict in creative ways. With Sally Bogale (Findhorn, Gaia Education) and Macaco Tamerice (Damanhur) we will look at conflict with fresh eyes, aware of the challenges and seeking the opportunities that lie within. We will practice some conflict resolution exercises to take home, with the idea that the next time group conflict comes along, we can smile and think, ‘Ah, Creative Opportunity!'

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The ecology Programme

Get your hands in the soil with the Ecology Programme, exploring permaculture and food growing, ecosystem restoration, biodiversity and more.

Ecology Workshops

DAY 1: Our role in the web of life: Indigenous insights into Permaculture with Roos Derks
What is the role of humans in the web of life? Taking inspiration from Indigenous forms of land-use, we will explore the ethical design method that is Permaculture, and its relevance for community projects. Coming from a self-reliant lifestyle and a livelihood organising courses and events in the realm of regenerative culture, Roos will bring experience and perspectives on ethical design relevant for social as well as land-based initiatives.

DAY 2: Terra Preta with Luis Alvarez
Terra Preta (black soil in Portuguese) is a method to regenerate soils mixing biocharcoal, bokashi (fermented compost), urine and other organic materials. Terra Preta is less prone to nutrient leaching as charcoal’s porosity brings a better retention of organic matter, of water and of dissolved organic nutrients, as well as of pollutants such as pesticides and aromatic poly-cyclic hydrocarbons.

DAY 3: Peace Silk - Ethical and Sustainable with Matias Langer
What is Peace Silk? The production of Peace Silk textiles leads to sustainable development in the producing country, increases biodiversity and creates fair working and trading conditions. The unique properties of the "Queen among natural fibers" offer the opportunity to create protective and healing textiles that keep people healthy .

DAY 4: Mowing with scythe - sustainable agriculture and reconnecting with nature with Dirk Wehner
The workshop will be an introduction into the agricultural engineering of moving with the scythe. It will give the participants a multisensual experience of several aspects of these traditional form of agriculture. It will show how to adjust, sharpen and use scythes. Moreover participants are invited to find a new connection to nature as well as to their own bodies. All required material will be provided.

The Healing Programme

By healing ourselves we heal the world and our communities. Take yourself on a journey of self-knowledge and self-care with this programme.

Healing Workshops

DAY 1: RenaSer with Yuluka Kankurua
The coherence that is build in the body allow us to open our heart to the connection with others. Regeneration starts inside of ourselves. This workshop is designed to brings people to the presence and to remember the self power through the movement, words and sounds. Self governance leads to the community government.

DAY 2: Use your conscious fear to navigate connection with Sophia Wegele & Eva Daubert
"Without Fear - Love is dead." - Clinton Callahan. Are you convinced that fear is blocking you from connecting? What if the opposite was true? What if your feelings were actually the resource to create the relationships your heart is longing for? In this Workshop, you will explore and navigate your Fear consciously and use its Energy and Information for creating Intimacy from moment to moment, with distinctions, tools and experiments from Possibility Management.

DAY 3: Embodied Climate Dialogue with Teodora Radulescu, Roos Derks & Annabelle Schapals
The workshop explores the potential of embodied practices to support meaningful dialogue on climate change and predictions on collapse. This experiential workshop will provide a safe space to explore ourselves and the group, in relation to climate narratives that might be confronting, with the support of bodily presencing, mindfulness, constellation work and dialogue. We sense the power and support of community to transform emotions into grounded awareness and loving action.

DAY 4: The Soul of the Village with Peter Hines
The essence of the village is to support each other to become whole, soulful participants in the evolution of our world. This is the archetypal function of human living community. This social structure has largely disappeared in the modern world. In this workshop, we will come to understand better this essential core of communal life, and we will begin to embody it together in practice by supporting each other.

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Ecovillage Tech Expo

Build, theorise and get practical exploring alternative technologies in our Ecovillage Tech Expo!

The Social Justice Programme

Climate Justice is Social Justice. This programme will assist us in the climate movement to better understand social justice issues and how they are deeply interconnected with, and part of, our work.

Social Justice Workshops

DAY 1: Lets talk about... silenced organs! with Amneh Masoud
For hundreds of years in many parts of the world, little effort has been made to research, teach and speak about vulvas, vaginas, wombs, ovaries, let alone the menstrual cycle. This workshop welcomes people of all genders to join, exchange, ask, learn and celebrate these wonderful organs and their functions. Together we will deepen our existing knowledge and bring more light into a topic that many people didn’t have enough access to for too long.

DAY 2: Trauma-informed sociocracy processes: From awareness to respons-ability & collective resilience with Elisabeth Maria Mwambashi-Wenninger
Working with sociocracy inevitably means touching on delicate issues of power and power relations. The workshop tends to raise awareness about extends and effects of power-related trauma - individually and collectively. We discuss the method's potential to bring power issues to the surface and to address them on the basis of trust. Methodical boundaries are highlighted and experiences shared for a gentle and responsible way to cope with challenges.

DAY 3: Exploring Identity with Toni Mallach
Exploring Identity is a space for research within yourself: Who are you? What is it like to be you in this world? What does it mean to be a man, a woman, a human being? What is the meaning and origin of the terms ‘feminine’ and ‘masculine’ stand for? How can we create a more inclusive, diverse and free culture? Let’s feel into our bodies, question gender and listen to each other.

DAY 4: Gesturing towards colial futures - Education 2048 with Leon Herweg
A thought experiment in 2048, "imagining the direction of education after a period of catastrophic events, which happened as a result of irresponsible human choices, followed by a period where humanity managed to learn from the consequences of their actions and to coexist in wiser and healthier ways" 1: imagining the Scenario 2: Set of critical questions. You will be invited to think, to feel and sense your affective responses.

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The Conscious Sexuality Programme

Some of our ecovillages are well-known for their impressive work with conscious sexuality, whether for personal development, community cohesion or world peace. Get a taste of their work in this programme.

Conscious Sexuality Workshops

DAY 1: Exploring and integrating radical self-love with Maja Takatomi
A workshop designed to explore love and safety in the body while expanding your experience of self-love to further deepen your own development and meeting all of your inner conflicts with more care, more love and much more empathy. Through this workshop I’ll be guiding the participants into a meditative state of mind, meeting their inner shadows through love and compassion to oneself.

DAY 2: From Triggers to Teachers with Hala Fauzi
We're feeling good then something happens. The body feels contracted: it’s fight or flight. We’re triggered! Triggers are destructive when we act out of fear/anger/sadness…etc. i.e. unconscious. Triggers are also signals that point to something that needs attention. In this workshop, we'll explore ways to use our triggers to learn, grow, become more resilient and transform our shadows into love and light

DAY 3: Contact intuition with Paolo di Toni
The workshop is an introduction to deep contact between individuals through intuition. The workshop is experiential. The participants will experiment a deeper touch to the other through basic exercises of intuitive massage, contact improvisation, tantra and other similar arts.

DAY 4: Releasing sexual shame through safety and belonging with Maja Takatomi 
With an embodied experience of safety, we will be exploring blockages around sexuality and release sexual shame with a practice of breath and meditation. Opening up sexual shame and using radical self-love to meet stagnated shame in the body and meeting that shame with love and compassion to release and rewire the nervous system to feel more safe in the body.

The Abundant Economics Programme

How can our livelihoods and economic systems be centred around care and community? This programme will introduce you to the world of solidarity economies and ecovillage economies.

Abundant Economics Workshops

DAY 1: Community Supported Economy Lab - from CSA to CSX with Julia Rothamel and Janna JI
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is an arrangement where food consumers share the costs of agricultural production as well as the resulting harvest. A group of individuals comes together to form a community whose members combine their resources to cover the running costs of a farm operation. This changes the relationship between consumers and farmers - together they develop and maintain an organizational structure that allows them all to weather the (literal and figurative) storms that make farming such a risky venture. This principle is transferable to other goods and services, such as health and wellness, construction and repair services, restaurants and catering, music and other creative arts, and even recreation and tourism. What would you like to transform? And what can the CSX movement learn from the practices of the ecovillages? Come and explore the CSX principles, create your own CSX idea in groups and discuss it with us.

DAY 2: Commons Ecosystem and Solidarity Economy with Jason Nardi and Julia Rothamel 
Come join us to explore the potentials of "integrated circuits" and collective intelligence of an economy based on commoning, caring and conviviality, while being ecologically sustainable and financially viable. Together we will test a methodology (Commons ecosystem canvas) and tools for an open and participatory economic management of a community, based on its needs and aspirations.

DAY 3: Imago-Movement - Schmetterlingsbewegung with Oliver Sachs and Cornelia Angel
Das Imago-Movement kreiert kollektive Weisheit durch bewusste Kommunikation, Verkörperung, Musik, Tanz und Kunst und nutzt diese Weisheit, um ein oder mehrere Währungssysteme zu erschaffen, die neuen Werten Kraft geben. Dieses auf Weisheit basierende Imago-Geldwesen entfaltet sich in bereits existierenden, weltumspannenden Netzwerken der Transformation, um eine kraftvolle, verbindende Alternative zu unserem derzeitigen, in Wirtschaftswachstum verwurzelten Geld zu schaffen. In diesem Imago-Gathering informieren wir über die Grundlagen und die Schritte des Imago-Movements und suchen Pioniere, die den Weg mitgestalten möchten.

DAY 4: Alternative Economics: Creating Regional Economic Systems with Grace Rachmany
Economics require more than the ecovillage network: we need to collaborate with other local organizations. How do we create alternatives to the monetary system that honor our commitment to the environment and pro-social values? What would work in our regions and cultures? Participants will identify collaborators in their region, discuss how a sharing economy might be practical on a regional level, and create some rough prototype ideas that fit their specific circumstances.

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the children's programme

In collaboration with the children and parents of Nature Community, this year we will have a special treat for all the children at the Gathering with a children’s programme and a children’s area!

The systems change programme

Let’s rethink the big systems and change our collective direction! These workshops will take a critical look at our current structures and explore how we govern  ourselves in communities, whether ecovillages, co-housings or communes. Ecovillages have specialised in making decisions together and you can get a feel for their solutions in this programme.

System Change Workshops

DAY 1: Introduction to Sociocracy with Lea Shany
Sociocracy offers a great set of tools for communities, an inclusive and effective way of making decisions, distributed and transparent leadership in circles and roles, connecting ways to structure our meetings, and a way out of the power games. You will recieve an overview of: sociocracy & circle structures; how to do consensual decision-making & integrate objections; and a participatory exercise of a selection process into roles.

DAY 2: Enough is enough - regional regeneration leading the way into a solidarity based, postgrowth society with Thomas Meier
Can we agree that our current system, with its built-in compulsion to grow, to compete and to destroy, needs to be replaced? And what would concepts like solidarity, common good, post-growth, commons and regeneration look like in a down-to-earth regional practice? How does this work and what is the role of civic initiatives, an enabling administration, far-sighted politics, responsible research and a considerate economy? A workshop that wants to inspire and encourage.

DAY 3: Align dreams and matter: Sharing a legal and economical approach through the cooperative way with Andre Patrao and Vincent Rueda
After 4 years travelling over 30 ecovillages, I realized the disparity between the movement's philosophy and the reality of dealing with house speculation; elitism; financial power, property, heritage; etc. Fortunately, I also found solutions… In this workshop I will share the solutions from the association Les-Pas-Sages that had helped to establish over 40 projects in France, Portugal, and Slovenia, in a more resilient and abundant legal and financial structure... the cooperative way.

DAY 4: Shared ownership with maximum personal freedom - the Mietshäuser Syndikat model with Armin Olunczek
We look at the model of ownership within the network „Mietshäuser Syndikat“ in Germany, which is not only a network but a legal method of shared ownership of community grounds and buildings, with maximum personal freedom for every community member. The model of the „Syndicate“ relies on the German legal system but there are other young networks in European Countries which try to transfer the principles of this model.

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And much more...

Ecovillage Startup: Are you considering starting an ecovillage or a community project, or joining the creation of one? This programme will provide you with essential tools for starting your own community!

Ecovillage Startup Workshops

DAY 1: The Community Learning Incubator project - starting a community with the CLIPS team
This workshop will present Community Learning Incubator Project (CLIPS) - and then offer three different workshop parts, where participants can choose according to their interests. One will introduce the Danish STARTPACKAGE project, which touches upon legal, financial, municipal, green and social aspects of community startup, while the others focus more on the social aspects.

DAY 2: System constellations as a method of diagnosing and harmonizing the functioning of a project or community with Евгения Качуренко (SvetoYara)
This method helps to investigate conflict in a community or decisionmaking processes; creates new unexpected opportunities, heals relationship, and provides new vision and agreements at different levels: personal, social, transpersonal, spiritual. Constellation was created by Bert Hellinger and helps to "read the field". It is based on psychology, the chakra system, and teamwork. We may choose a situation in a community to explore. We will discover the hidden & subconscious reason for it to exist, what it is now, and make some system's changes to harmonize the situation and relationships. All attendees take a role in the process but we work with only 1 situation as with an example.

DAY 3: The Joy of Purpose: inspiration, stories and tips for connecting to yours with Lyndall Parris
Lyndall offers inspiration for finding purpose and bliss in your life and what it takes to bring it to fruition. She will share how founding Narara Ecovillage became clear, offer nuggets that inspired her along the way, tell stories of failures and triumphs, as well as giving practical tools that have helped make her dream a reality.

DAY 4: Community Sociocratic Decision Making with Fredjan Twigt
One of the biggest challenges in community living is decision making. Sociocracy offers important values and principles on how to play that "game" in an effective way, consisting of equality and acknowledgement of the individual. I give a little playful insight in the main principles of sociocracy, and offer a different mindset. I hope to make you curious but also if you are familiar with sociocracy most welcome.

Activism Programme: “Be the change you want to see in the world”. These workshops will deepen your daily activism.

Activism Workshops

DAY 1: How to Disrupt Destruction with a Civil Disobedience Choir and Orchestra with Armin Olunczek
What happens when you put an Orchestra in the pit of open cast Lignite mining? How do you block the production of a weapons factory with classical music? Let‘s look at the actions of a Civil Disobedience symphonic Orchestra and Choir that is playing at places of destruction and misery since 1986. We will hear music and stories that outline the features of this protest form and we will sing.

DAY 2: DAO Tools for Decentralized Governance with Franz Allmayer & Benjamin Bernabela

DAY 3: Time travel to 2100, re-imagining communities through visual arts and theatre with Fanny Didou and Gastón Fernández Yurcho
How can we face issues that worry us and create solutions we all need? This workshop is about re-imagining the future together. This is a sensorial experience, where the participants are immersed in 2100. First, through theatre and impro games, we will let our imagination fly. Then, we will experience the power of visual arts to collectively materialize our ideas : a first step to make it happen!

DAY 4: Collaborating effectively with your local or regional government with Ilonka Marselis
In this workshop we will explore together how ecovillage projects can collaborate with their local and regional government, and why you would want this! Mieke and Ilonka have experience bridging between governments and ecovillage projects, to the benefit of both. We will give examples of what language and what strategy you can use. Collectively we will share experiences of collaborating with our governments, and explore what can help benefit ecovillage projects.

Youth Programme: For and by youth, meet and get inspired by the next generation of ecovillagers.

Youth Workshops

DAY 1: How our community is catalysing a regional sustainable food system & how you can do it too! With Johannes Kuebel and Laura Schneiter
It's time for a systemic change, and it all starts with the very thing we need to survive: food. Our food system has a huge impact on wealth distribution, power structures, and, most importantly, the health of our mother earth. In this workshop, we'll explore the current state of our food system and discuss how we can make positive changes. We'll also hold a small ceremony to express gratitude to Pachamama for her gifts. We're excited to co-create an inspiring and interactive workshop with you. Let's come together to make a difference.

DAY 2: Wilderness of the Senses with Lukasz Wozniak
Do you like to get out of your "head" sometimes? Are you curious about the topics of authenticity and collective being? Would you like to look for the wildness and joy in spontaneity, without judgment? This space is for you! Wildness of senses is a space for a bodily, deep and more primal meeting with yourself and with others. It is about fueling vitality to create and reflect upon the authenticity of our expression. I direct this workshop to people who like to be in the unknown and who want to explore their depth and their instinctive life force. For this workshop we will use Spiral Dynamic theory and a couple of other tools such as consent, as a tool for safe communication.

DAY 3: NextGEN and the youth ecovillage movement with Luna D'Angelo and Dijana Catakovic
The youth branch of GEN will present how they work to consolidate their extensive network of young and empowered people passionate about ecovillage values and willing to implement a regenerative culture. Join their workshop to discover what they are currently working on and learn how you can become part as well!

DAY 4: Organise EU funded courses and experiences in your project with Simone Cesaro and Katja Štemberger
Yes to Sustainability would like to help you and your project to get funds to organise courses and experiences based on any of the 5 dimensions of sustainability. Our vision is of a world in which young people are empowered to create resilient communities, contribute to regenerative cultures, and take care of the planet. Through EU funded programmes we expand our way of living and sharing in the community.

Intergenerational Programme: How do we weave an intergenerational future? These workshops will lead you through the different phases of life and their challenges and opportunities within community living.

Activism Workshops

DAY 1: Eldership in community, challenges and opportunities with Lucilla Borio
What is it like to grow older in a community? This is a dream for many people who live independently and fear a future of loneliness and isolation, so they turn to communal living as a possible answer and solution for their needs. And yet, having lived communally for more than 30 years, I can share my personal experience with the younger and the older participants and shed some light on advantages and challenges of this existential choice.

DAY 2: Children and Conflict in Community with Nadine Jensen
Again and again, different needs collide when different age groups of people come together. Especially when it comes to children, we often reach our limits and come into contact with our own upbringing. This workshop aims to provide insight into how we perceive others, how we react to one another and how we can improve the relationship.

DAY 3: Free learning: how children develop their potential in a self-determined way with Marc Kanert
More and more parents who are interested in school and provide information about it are realizing that many things go wrong in state schools and that children there are often stigmatized as problem children. Learning is often experienced by children as a burden and schools therefore fail in their most important task, that children can develop into personalities who perceive themselves as self-effective designers of their learning and life. The lecture wants to show what framework conditions this requires and the steps in which children develop skills in reading, writing and arithmetic. And how parents can best support this.

DAY 4: Weaving an intergenerational future
What if different generations weave together their resources and experiences in a nourishing way? With this question we invite people of different ages to enter a space of witnessing, listening to each other and standing with what is here – now – in times of collective and individual challenges. We strive to explore the unknown potential that lies within the connection of resources, strength and vulnerability of different generations.

Emergent Programme: We all hold knowledge, skills, and experiences that are important to our common transition. With the Emergent Programme we invite you to co-create the content by stepping forth to offer your own workshop.

Global Impact : GEN International will bring people from around the world to talk about what ecovillage living and a regenerative future means to them.

Activism Workshops

DAY 1: GEN & Gaia Education - Telling our story, weaving our future together with Taisa Mattos and Sally Bogale
In this interactive session we will tell part of the history of the Ecovillage Movement, inviting some elders of the movement and the GEESE (the ones who co created the Ecovillage Design Education programme) into a fishbowl where each one will bring their perspectives on ‘How it all started and how it's been evolving over the years’. We will explore the Ecovillage principles and practices using the GEN Map of Regeneration and will Launch the Anniversary project ( to celebrate GEN´s 30th anniversary and Gaia Education 20th anniversary in 2025)

DAY 2: Spark Connections for Transformative Community-led Action with Laura Kaestele and Abdul Otman
One of the greatest assets of any community are people. So if you are curious to learn more about each other and open up possibilities for collaboration join us for this dynamic network weaving activity hosted by ECOLISE. Together we will identify resources, expertise, needs and ways to support or coordinate activities across the wider network of sustainable community-led initiatives – to connect for shared learning, action and greater synergies.

DAY 3: Closing the gap between ecovillage values & practices and urban lifestyle with Krisztina Barany
Quitting ‘everything’ and joining an ecovillage takes courage, conviction, awareness, flexibility… that most city dwellers simply lack. What are ways of reaching, inspiring and including them nevertheless? What ecovillage and permaculture values and practices are transferable to urban communities - in an accessible, pragmatic and context-based format? And what can we envision as outcome, including for our blue planet? Bridge-builders, come join this workshop full of hands-on creativity and interaction!

DAY 4: Regenerative Communities for All with the REGEN4ALL project team
Are you interested in Ecovillage research and/or advocacy? Have you ever needed data on the impact of ecovillages and had difficulty finding this information? The REGEN4ALL project team warmly invites researchers, educators and ‘ecovillagers’ to join our participatory session. REGEN4ALL is a GEN Research/GEN Europe Erasmus+ project in partnership with LOES (GEN Denmark), ICSTE-IUL and ECOLISE. It includes: a series of Research Colloquiums; Communities of Practice; a database on ‘the state of the art’ of Ecovillage research and a web platform to bring it all together. The platform will also pilot a matching system to connect ‘ecovillagers’ and ecovillage researchers. During the session we will present the project, experiment and co-create some of its outputs

Collective Sessions

Collective sessions are spaces where we can all share, learn from and connect with one another every afternoon.

Meet the Ecovillages: Your annual opportunity to meet the people behind many of the ecovillages in Europe and get to know them better.

Project Market: Get to know the current projects in the ecovillage movement and in allied networks – and take part with your own.

Market Space: Browse ecovillage products and sell your own sustainable and ethical products.

The Community Resourcing Circle  where you can be part of resourcing new and exciting communities!

Open Spaces for whatever needs to happen in that moment to unfold.


Connective facilitated experiences led by our facilitator team