A programme to inspire, give hope, and re-energise

for people of all ages and from all walks of life

About the Programme

The Gathering will be filled with inspiring, touching and brave speakers; hands-on workshops, and immersive experiences from all areas of the regenerative movement and the heart of ecovillages. You are guaranteed to be inspired for your own practice and for our greater transition. 

The theme of this long awaited Gathering is A Regenerative Path. What does a regenerative path look like for you? We are embracing the many different ways of living sustainably, regeneratively and in a more caring way on this planet. Ecovillages will be our laboratories and we will find inspiration in the diversity of the regenerative movement: social justice, permaculture, natural building, Fibresheds and much more. See the programme streams, workshop holders and speakers that you can experience at the Gathering below.


Steen Møller

GEN Ukraine

Ellika Linden

Dougald Hine

Bob de Wit

Every morning you will be inspired by one or more of our keynote speakers and facilitators. The plenaries will guide you through a Quest, each day a new step of the journey. 

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Keynote Programme

Every morning you will be inspired by one or more of our keynote speakers and facilitators. The plenaries will guide you through a Quest, each day a new step of the journey. 

The first day is WILDERNESS; the place to understand the current chaos of the world, whether that is the post-covid landscape or a European war.

The second day will go into ACCEPTANCE; digesting what we have seen and being able to hold the emotions and responses that comes with it. This day is also for social processes, to feel that we are all interconnected. We will practice giving space to differences, celebrating diversity.

On the third day we we will find a VISION for a Regenerative Future. We will use our imagination to come up with new solutions and new ways of telling the story of our world.

The final day will carry us into ACTION. The vision will become action and will stay in our individual lives. We will present practical solutions from the ground and best-practices from the living laboratories of ecovillages and the rest of the regenerative movement.

GEN Ukraine activists

This year’s Gathering will not only be hosted by Ananda Gaorii, LØS and GEN Europe, but also by GEN Ukraine. We have invited our talented Ukrainian friends in Denmark to add their touch and timely voice to the Gathering by being part of hosting it. Long before the war, GEN Ukraine was one of our most dynamic national ecovillage networks, working hard to teach, share and inspire with ecovillage lifestyles. Since the war began they have been mobilising inside and outside of Ukraine to welcome refugees into ecovillages, and preparing communities for a greener, more resilient future.

Ellika Linden - Circle Way

Ellika lives in the community of Christiania in Copenhagen and from there, she moves to support Circles around Europe. She is the wife of the late Story Manitonquat (Medicine Story), an elder of the Wampanoag Natives. Before she met her husband, Manitonquat, Ellika was an actress and director with theater companies around the world. Her warm and pleasantly naive nature allows people to open their hearts and allows them to simply be themselves. She brings her wisdom of heart and experience into her life and Circles in an incredibly kind and genuine way. Ellika will open and close the Gathering together with Di Ponti and Simon Jamnik.

Steen Møller

Steen is a Danish legend. He is the co-founder of two Danish Ecovillages; Friland and Grobund, an inventor of several eco-technologies and advocate of economic freedom by staying debt-free. Steen will be a keynote speaker at the Gathering and will additionally offer workshops on the appropriate technologies of a ‘Smoke-washer’ (røgvasker) and Greenhouse-circulation (Drivhusfordampning).

Bob de Wit

Bob is founder and director of Strategy Works/ Strategy Academy, writer of several internationally leading books and texts on the topic of strategy, and Professor of Strategic Leadership at Nyenrode Business University. He believes in the power of combining academic rigor and practical relevance. His interest is in understanding how leaders make decisions about the future, which combines the (economically driven) strategy field and the (psychology driven) field of leadership.


The heart of ecovillages

Discover how ecovillages work, and get inspiration for your own project, in the Heart of Ecovillages programme. Ecovillagers will share tools, games, activities and practices from their communities: from facilitation tools and social processes, to economic innovations and incorporating art into community life.

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Heart of Ecovillages Programme

Community Learning Incubator Programme

CLIPS is a solution oriented programme to guide community-led projects in their initial steps – and for existing initiatives that struggle with problems or simply need revitalisation. The experienced CLIPS Team consists of ecovillage founders and long-term ecovillage members from all over Europe who will share their knowledge in practical community-building sessions at the Gathering.

Children's Democracy with Camilla Nielsen-Englyst

Camilla is co-founder and community member of Hallingelille Ecovillage in Denmark. She has been engaged in a long line of projects within both ecovillages, co-housing communities and communes and is deeply rooted in GEN Europe. Camilla will building on her experience with ecovillage design, life and processes, both as a CLIPS Trainer and in a workshop about Children’s Democracy in Hallingelille.

Leadership & Presence with Macaco Tamerice

Macaco Tamerice (Martina Grosse Burlage) is a sociologist and a life coach for meaningful relationships specialized in community-building, inner transformation, leadership and conflict resolution. She has been living at Damanhur ecovillage since 1993. She was Vice President and then President of the Global Ecovillage Network-Europe and one of GEN’s UN representatives.

Community Entropy - A ZEGG Case Study

For more than 38 years Ina Meyer-Stoll and Achim Ecker have lived and worked in the renowned ecovillage and healing centre, ZEGG. Both have been deeply involved in the development of ZEGG Forum – a community tool for in-depth social process work. They are united and motivated by their deep care and love for people and for our planet. Ina and Achim will teach about ‘Community Entropy’ using ZEGG as a case study.

Group energetics: Exploring the energies at play in group work through the Star model

Silvia Pinciroli is a business and team coach, counselor and trainer. She has been a member of the Community of Living Ethics (CLE) for 25 years. For many years Silvia has been part of the group of the CLE’s “Sowers” who spread the seeds of the Creative Meditation. She raises awareness about group consciousness.


The Land Programme

Get your hands in the soil with the Land Programme, exploring permaculture and food growing, ecosystem restoration, biodiversity and more.

Ecovillage Tech Expo

Learn crafting skills and explore alternative technologies in our Ecovillage Technology Expo. From renewable energies and natural building, to natural birth control and mushroom growing.

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Steen Møller

Steen is a Danish legend. He is the co-founder of two Danish Ecovillages; Friland and Grobund, an inventor of several eco-technologies and advocate of economic freedom by staying debt-free. Steen will be a Keynote Speaker at the Gathering and will additionally offer workshops on the appropriate technologies of a ‘Smoke-washer’ (røgvasker) and Greenhouse-circulation (Drivhusfordampning).

Human: Instructions for Use with Nara Petrovic

“My research of genuine humanness is as intimate as it can be—I am my own guinea pig. I have practiced natural human living for two decades”. Nara lives a life of radical simplicity without shoes, chairs, tables, toothbrush, soap, toilet … while engaging with mainstream society by building healthy communities. Nara will share some of his main teachings from his book ‘Human: Instructions for Use’.


The Healing Programme

Regeneration starts with healing what has been damaged – whether in ourselves or in the world around us. Continue or start your healing journey with shadow work, tea ceremonies and guided meditations.

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Healing Programme

13 Energetic Tools For A Better Community with Clinton Callahan

After inventing Possibility Management, publishing 4+ books and writing 200+ S.P.A.R.K.s, Clinton Callahan now implements next culture – archearchy: the nonmaterial-value, initiation-centered regenerative culture, which is naturally emerging around the world now that matriarchy and patriarchy have run their course. 

Fear & Love: A Tool for Intimacy with Devin Gleeson

Devin Gleeson is a Possibility Management Coach and Shadow Worker. He has 10 years of experience living in, holding space for, and co-founding intentional communities with the purpose of exploring intimacy and causing radical transformation in individuals and the larger world. Devin will hold a workshop on fear and love and tools for intimacy.

From Education to Initiation - Ecovillages as Adulthood Initiation Centers with Vera Franco

Vera Franco is a Next Culture Aliveness Catalyst and part of Possibilica, a nomadic nanonation contexted in Radical Responsibility. She opens paths to regenerative cultures by delivering authentic adulthood initiatory processes, looking where many people do not, and standing in the nothingness to create what has not been created yet – which is exactly what she will do at the Gathering.

Craft Programme

Crafts is a path to self-sufficiency, to joy and creative expression and a beloved shared community activity. This programme will introduce you to local fibre and textile productions, herbalism, natural dyes, woodcraft and more.


The Conscious Sexuality Programme

Some of our ecovillages are well-known for their impressive work with conscious sexuality, whether for personal development, community cohesion or world peace. Get a taste of their work in this programme.

The Social Justice Programme

Climate Justice is Social Justice. This programme will assist us in the climate movement to better understand social justice issues and how they are deeply interconnected with, and part of, our work.


The Abundant Economics Programme

How can our livelihoods and economic systems be centred around care and community? This programme will introduce you to the solidarity economy, Community Supported Businesses and alternative economic models for ecovillages, communes and co-housings.

The Governance Programme

Sociocracy, holacracy, children’s democracy – how do we structure ourselves in communities, whether ecovillages, co-housings or communes? Ecovillages have specialised in making decisions together and you can get a feel of their solutions in this programme.


And much more...

Open Space: We all hold wisdom and experiences that are important to our common transition. With the Open spaces programme we invite you to co-create the programme by offering your own workshops and tap into our collective wisdom. 

Children’s Programme: A space for our children, and the child in us all to reconnect to the earth and each other through conscious play, nature crafts, theatre, and movement.

Youth: Led by NEXTGEN, the Youth Programme creates a space for connection and co-creation for the youth of GEN Europe. Join us in a series of collaborative workshops designed to strengthen our actions in our communities, ecovillages, and the world.

Global Impact : Led by GEN International, the Global Impact Programme will explore local actions for global solutions. Through a series of workshops, we will realize together the potential impact of the ecovillage movement.


How can we create successful economic models centred in trust, cooperation, ethical practice and wellbeing, whilst simultaneously providing financial sustenance to support ourselves, our communities and wider society? How can we design and integrate regenerative businesses that support the health of both people and the planet? How can we recognise the emerging field of ‘community economics’ and how are ecovillages defining this model?