the programme

About the Programme

Our programme features invited speakers addressing our core themes; workshops from experts and enthusiasts; music, meditation and movement; an ecovillage showcase; children’s activities, and so much more. The morning programme offers a choice of workshops and activities, while in the afternoon collective sessions will bring together the whole We will release a detailed programme shortly before the Gathering starts.

programme streams

The Gathering offers an abundance of dynamic and thought-provoking workshops,  categorised by thematic programme streams. You can read about each of the streams below.

The Heart of Ecovillages

Discover how ecovillages work, and get inspiration for your own ecovillage (current or future!) in the Heart of Ecovillages programme. In this programme we will share some of our core practices from ecovillages around Europe, including facilitation tools, social processes, games and activities.

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The Land Programme

Get your hands in the soil with the Land Programme, exploring permaculture and food growing, ecosystem restoration, biodiversity and more.

The Healing Programme

By healing ourselves we heal the world and our communities. Take yourself on a journey of self-knowledge and self-care with this programme.

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Ecovillage Tech Expo

Build, theorise and get practical exploring alternative technologies in our Ecovillage Tech Expo!

The Social Justice Programme

Climate Justice is Social Justice. This programme will assist us in the climate movement to better understand social justice issues and how they are deeply interconnected with, and part of, our work.

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The Conscious Sexuality Programme

Some of our ecovillages are well-known for their impressive work with conscious sexuality, whether for personal development, community cohesion or world peace. Get a taste of their work in this programme.

The Abundant Economics Programme

How can our livelihoods and economic systems be centred around care and community? This programme will introduce you to the world of solidarity economies and ecovillage economies.

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the children's programme

In collaboration with the children and parents of Nature Community, this year we will have a special treat for all the children at the Gathering with a children’s programme and a children’s area!

The Governance Programme

Sociocracy, holacracy, children’s democracy – how do we structure and govern  ourselves in communities, whether ecovillages, co-housings or communes? Ecovillages have specialised in making decisions together and you can get a feel for their solutions in this programme.

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And much more...

Ecovillage Startup: Are you considering starting an ecovillage or a community project, or joining the creation of one? This programme will provide you with essential tools for starting your own community!

Spiritual Programme: This is the programme to sense the essence of, and get inspired by the pathways, experiences, and approaches, of ecovillages based on spirituality and inner work.

Emergent Programme: We all hold knowledge, skills, and experiences that are important to our common transition. With the Emergent Programme we invite you to co-create the content by stepping forth to offer your own workshop.

Global Impact : GEN International will bring people from around the world to talk about what ecovillage living and a regenerative future means to them.


Collective Sessions

Collective sessions are spaces where we can all share, learn from and connect with one another every afternoon.

Meet the Ecovillages: Your annual opportunity to meet the people behind many of the ecovillages in Europe and get to know them better.

Project Market: Get to know the current projects in the ecovillage movement and in allied networks – and take part with your own.

Market Space: Browse ecovillage products and sell your own sustainable and ethical products.

A Funding Circle where you can be part of resourcing new and exciting ecovillage-based businesses!

Open Spaces for whatever needs to happen in that moment to unfold.


Connective facilitated experiences led by our facilitator team