Beyond Climate Crisis: Transforming Ourselves, Transforming the System

The European Ecovillage Gathering is the annual convergence of the European Ecovillage Network and the dynamic expression of a movement. 

There is no doubt: we are gripped by climate emergency, and after decades of government inaction and failed struggles, we are already living the consequences of a lack of care and love for nature in all its forms. The time is now to urgently accelerate community-level strategies for regenerative transformation. We are called to act now, and we are called to act together. 

Using immersive community-building tools, the Gathering will act as a living laboratory and incubator through which we will each journey together; collectively dreaming and building aligned action to the climate emergency, whilst transforming the self and our systems. 

Discover & Co-create

Themed as Beyond Climate Crisis: Transforming Ourselves, Transforming the System, we invite all to co-create, build community and international solidarity through a timely programme of workshops, healing and wellbeing, technology demonstrations, dance, music, movement and celebration. 

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Nature Community.

Nature Community was conceived as a place where people jointly live and work in connection with humans, animals and the natural world. Through communal living, their vision is to make a significant contribution to the development of a world in which all being live in peace, trust, freedom, joy and connectedness.  

From its origins as a Bavarian hunting lodge, to its current incarnation and a vegan community, the place has witnessed its fair share of metamorphosis. Nature Community´s core values of love, trust and cooperation stand to infuse the Gathering with transformational qualities: values we must cultivate now more than ever to empower the inner and outer transitions necessary to confront the climate emergency. 


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