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When and where can I buy my membership and Gathering ticket?

Individual memberships and the Gathering tickets are exclusively available through this website. The Memberships + Tickets are available now and can be bought here. Tickets are sold through a tiered pricing model, so the sooner you buy a ticket, the cheaper it will be! There are also special membership discounts for youth, Eastern Europeans and groups.

What does the ticket cover?

The ticket is valid for the Gathering 2024 and is only valid together with an active GEN Europe membership and with a food and accommodation booking with Ängsbacka.

Can I buy a day pass?

The Gathering is a journey in building community and solutions together as one – that’s why we don’t sell day tickets.

Can I buy a ticket on site?

In previous editions of the Gathering we have had a small number of tickets available on site although we do have a maximum holding capacity and cannot guarantee that tickets will be available if we sell out beforehand.  

Oh no! I can't make it. Can i have a refund?

If you are no longer able to join the Gathering, please let us know as soon as possible. Your Gathering Ticket refund will depend on when you cancel. You can find our full refund policy covering the Gathering ticket here

Can I re-sell my ticket if I can’t make it?

As your access to the Gathering is connected to your personal GEN Europe membership it is not possible to transfer it to another person.

Can I refund my GEN Europe individual membership?

Membership is valid for one year and is non-refundable, but can be cancelled at any time. 

You will be notified before the next renewal. To cancel the automatic renewal, please go to your inbox and check the receipt for your subscription, which contains all the instructions for cancellation.

If I am already a member of my national network, do I also have to purchase an individual membership to participate in the Gathering?

Yes, you still need to purchase individual membership of GEN Europe as the national and European membership programmes for individuals are not interlinked. However, we are constantly looking at how we can better link them together.

Why did you introduce a new ticketing system?

Our decision to integrate the membership registration in the ticketing process is based on the observation that in the last few years, an increasing number of people have been attending the Gathering, however, the majority of them did not stay connected with GEN Europe.
As we want to increase and expand our impact and provide better value and more engagement opportunities to all our Gathering attendees, we have introduced this new system.
Besides this primary reason, we also see how the new system can simply administrative processes in the years to come.
If you wish to join the Gathering without purchasing a membership, there are limited volunteering slots available. You can find more information here.

When does the site open and close?

You can join us at Ängsbacka from 15.00 on August 20th. We ask all participants to leave Ängsbacka after breakfast on August 25th.

Can I bring my own food?

It is allowed to bring your own food, however there is no place where you could prepare your own meal. As Ängsbacka is serving vegetarian food as a default, we ask you to not eat meat in the middle of the field. If you have special dietary conditions and would like to bring your own food, please write us a message here. You can bring your own snacks.

Do I have to bring my own tableware (plate, cup, cutlery)?

No need to bring your own tableware. All will be provided for by Ängsbacka.

Do I need to pay for food and accommodation at registration?

Yes, food and accommodation are booked at the point of registration so that our kitchen is able to purchase and prepare all meals without waste. We will do our best to cater for dietary needs which you can specify on the registration form. 

Is the Gathering meat-free?

Yes, Ängsbacka serves 100% vegetarian food. Vegan options are available.

Can I bring my pet?

Sadly, the Gathering is not a suitable environment for pets. Please make alternative arrangements for your four-legged friends!

Can I make a fire on the campsite?

Individual fires on the campsites are not allowed. However there will be designated bonfire places in the communal areas.

Can I bring my own alcohol or drugs?

No. Ängsbacka is a drug- and alcohol-free venue. We value a present and aware Gathering experience for all: drugs and alcohol will not be tolerated on the site and participants using drugs or alcohol during our days together will be asked to leave the Gathering with no right of refund.

Can I smoke at Ängsbacka?

There is a dedicated place at Ängsbacka for people who like to smoke. There is however a no-drugs policy so only regular tobacco is allowed.

Is the Gathering wheelchair accessible?

Ängsbacka has a limited number of wheelchair-friendly accommodations with a large shower and toilet facility adjusted for less mobile people. With a little bit of support, it is possible to navigate to almost all of our workshop spaces.

Do you take pictures at the Gathering?

Yes! We will be taking pictures at the Gathering and use them in line with our privacy policy. If you do not want any pictures taken of you, please approach a member of the media team after the welcome meeting so they can ensure that you will not be included in any Gathering photos.